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5 Tools Every Irrigator Needs for a Tricky Job

By Jennifer Klemmetson on January 7, 2016 in Blog2 Comments

5 Tools Every Irrigator Needs for a Tricky Job graphic

Every so often, everyone comes across a challenging job. Or maybe you just forgot the pliers that day, which made every task that morning seem tricky. At Ewing, you can find the tools you need to make near-impossible PVC repairs, adjust nozzles and troubleshoot problems in the field. Here’s five tools you can use on days when things just don’t seem to be going your way.

  1. Fitting Saver

Sometimes there are very few options to complete an irrigation repair. PVC IPS fitting savers remove pipe from glued joints, so a new pipe can be inserted. It easily fits on most portable electric drills, and comes in ½-, ¾- and 1-inch.

  1. EZ-Out Riser Extractor

The EZ-Out Riser Extractor is a stub wrench for extricating broken plastic PVC and CPVC pipe from sprinkler risers. It features a T-handle for extra torque and removes ½-, ¾-, 1- and 1 ¼-inch IPS risers.

  1. Landscape Supplies I-Tool Irrigation Multi-ToolI-Tool Irrigation Multi-Tool

Ever find yourself on a jobsite without the right manufacturer’s adjustment tool? Or do you get out to the repair and realize you forgot your pliers or wire strippers? The I-Tool is 15 tools in one lightweight 6-inch apparatus. Includes four irrigation specific tools: drip punch, nozzle cleaner and adjustment key, and hex key, and also includes pliers, wire cutters and stripper, knife blade, saw and screwdrivers.

  1. Clamp Meter
Pro90 Armada

Armada Pro90 Automatic Clamp Multimeter

Electrical troubleshooting for a two-wire system or LED lighting can be complicated. Be prepared with a clamp meter to troubleshoot two-wire projects. The Pro90 has automatic AC or DC sensing, decimal placement, amp, volts, and resistance measurement and backlighting. The Pro93 is what you would use on a two-wire system and measures AC leakage in milliamps, AC, DC, ohms, and Hz.


  1. Armada Pro48K

    Armada Pro48K Irrigation Station Test Kit

    Irrigation Test Kit

Ever wish you had a complete portable battery-operated diagnostic kit? Armada Pro48k is a solenoid activator and toner kit for identifying wiring problems. It’s small enough to be convenient to carry with you to each jobsite.



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5 Tools Every Irrigator Needs for a Tricky Job graphic
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