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February 20, 2017

FX Luminaire Luxor ZD Landscape Lighting Controller

Hunter Williams from Ewing Irrigation shows us some of the features of the FX Luminaire Luxor ZD Landscape Lighting Controller...
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Lacrosse Goal and stick

February 22, 2017

It’s LAX Season at Ewing

Lacrosse, also known as "lax" to the diehards who play it, is gaining popularity across the United States. While the sport originated hundreds of years ago, its reputation as the fastest growing sport in...
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MLB baseball field from outfield towards home plate

February 24, 2017

Knock Field Maintenance Out of the Park with Ewing’s Tools for Baseball

In the game of baseball, a pitcher’s tool is the iconic red stitched ball. A batter’s is the bat; a catcher’s, the mitt. For a baseball field manager, the game is maintenance and the tools...
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Green erosion control blanket

February 27, 2017

Five Tips For Successful Erosion Control Blanket Applications

Your jobsite is under stress: rain and wind are washing away the soil and new seeds struggle to grow. Whether you’re managing a flat area or a hillside, you can protect your site by installing erosion control blankets...
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