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Aug. 7, 2017

Ewing Aerosol Paint Machine For Sports Fields

The Ewing Aerosol Paint Machine can help you give your sports field a professional look. Jeremy Bohonko, from Ewing Irrigation, shares the details in this video...
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Recent Blog Post

large cutworm on green turf

Aug. 11, 2017

How to Manage Cutworm and Armyworm Infestations in Your Turfgrass

And the worms go marching one by one...well, not quite! But larvae of moths from the noctuidae family can cause serious damage when they march into your turfgrass! While the damage from these two larvae...
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Recent Blog Post

Black drip tubing on top of the ground near seedling

Aug. 9, 2017

3 Steps to Understanding and Applying Plant-Water Requirements in Irrigation Systems

Picture this: You finish building a rock-solid irrigation system for a client. When you leave, everything is operating in tip-top shape. Two weeks later your client calls claiming her plants are dying. How...
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Single stream rotor irrigating green turf

Aug. 7, 2017

4 Tips for Selling Smart Irrigation Controllers

Being that it’s called "smart," you might think these irrigation controllers would sell themselves. However, since many customers may not understand the benefits of installing these tech-enabled devices...
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