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The size and scope of your project aren’t an issue with Ewing. We make your search for irrigation supplies easy. From residential installations and commercial projects to athletic fields and golf courses, we offer all supplies and expertise to help you get the job done.

Irrigation Products

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We stock a full range of sprinkler bodies, nozzles and rotors. Durable and long lasting with efficiency in mind, we have a sprinkler that can get your watering job done.

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High and low flow conditions call for valves that are built to last. Our valve product lines are hardy, dependable and built to ensure your operation flows smoothly.

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Drip Irrigation

A sustainable solution to watering your plants, drip irrigation gets straight to the roots. Avoid wasting water and give your plants the attention they deserve. Ewing carries a broad selection of drip irrigation products to ensure you are properly equipped for your upcoming project.

An irrigation system controller


Check out our supply of controllers offering features like flexible programing and automatic shut-off, that allow you to make the most of the water you are using.

A group of potted plants

Container Irrigation

Tournesol products are self-watering irrigation systems with options to fit virtually any shaped pot or planter. The hand-filled reservoirs in each pot use a vacuum-sensor system to give plants exactly the amount of water they need, meaning less hand watering is required.


A close-up of a pump

Pumps provide helpful solutions for irrigation systems experiencing insufficient pressure, or for situations where a water source is drawn from a body of water, like a lake or river. We carry a variety of quality pumps that will fit your needs.


An irrigation drain

When fast moving, large volumes of water appear and there is nowhere for the water to go, problems like erosion can arise. Proper drainage reduces risks of flooding and erosion. Our drainage supplies ensure your project area has a way to properly divert excess water without causing harm to the environment.

Backflow Prevention

A backflow prevention valve

Virtually all irrigation systems require some sort of backflow prevention. Installing the proper backflow device for your site can help you avoid water backflow. We have products that will meet your state or local regulations and ensure that once water has left your system, it won’t be back.


A storage area with pipes

Ewing has pipe options to fit every work need, including styles made for irrigation, drainage and more.

  • PVC
  • Drainage
  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene Pipe)
  • Poly Pipe


Tools and shovels

From shovels and wheelbarrows, to high-quality electrical testing equipment, when it comes to tools, we have it! Stop by a Ewing store and have one of our trained service professionals assist you in finding the right tool.

Rewards Programs

Get even more out of your Ewing partnership by signing up for our Manufacturer Partners reward programs!

Frequently Asked Questions


    How many sprinkler heads can you put on a line?

    The answer to this question depends on how much water is available, how much pressure you have, size of pipe and the kind of nozzle being used.

    You can refer to the manufacturer’s log for answers to some of these questions. Once those questions are answered, a Ewing service professional can help you determine how many sprinkler heads your line can hold.


    How long should I run my sprinklers?

    Proper run time is dependent on what type of sprinkler head you are using, (spray vs rotor), and plant water requirements. Pop-up sprays, rotor heads, and rotary nozzles all have different precipitation rates. Answering these questions will help you determine how long you should run your sprinklers.


    How far apart should I space sprinklers?

    Ideally, sprinkler spacing should provide even, head-to-head coverage. This means that one head’s spray will end right next to the area another sprinkler is covering. The exact measurement of the distance between two sprinklers will depend on the sprinkler head you select and the range of spray it provides.


    What do controllers with multiple programs do?

    Although three-program controllers appear as a single product, they function like three separate controllers. Multiple hydrozones (groupings of plant materials that have similar plant water requirements) may need to be watered at different times/days/amounts of time. You can accomplish this by using a controller with multiple programs.

    For example, you can put your lawn on one program, drip irrigation on a second program and your patio plants on a third program. Each program can be set to go off at different times and on different days, and for different amounts of time.

    Controllers with multiple programs make it possible to meet each hydrozone’s water needs without creating extra work for the owner.


    What are common causes as to why my controller is not working?

    Follow these three steps to eliminate the top causes of irrigation controller failure from our troubleshooting experts.

      1. Check your controller to make sure it has a source of power.

      2. Make sure your water source is not turned off at its point of connection to the system.

      3. Make sure the controller has been programmed with a start time, run time and watering frequency (days of the week you would like it to operate).

    If none of these options apply, contact your local Ewing branch to speak to a service professional.

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