Recycle Irrigation Controllers at Ewing!

Ewing, Hunter and Blue Star Recylcers logsos on picture of mountains with evergreen trees during sunset

The next time you replace an old irrigation controller, bring it into any Ewing location to be recycled. Ewing has partnered with Hunter Industries to prevent these controllers from entering our landfills!

Ewing and Hunter will send your donated controllers to Blue Star Recyclers, a Colorado-based non-profit that responsibly recycles electronics, while creating jobs for people with autism and other disabilities.

How to Participate

Drawn animated style irrigation controllers

1. Save any old controllers when you replace them with new ones.

Drawn controllers falling into a box with Ewing logo on outside

2. Drop your used controllers off at your local Ewing store.

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3. Tell others that their used controllers can be recycled at Ewing, too.

Take Action

Blue Star Recyclers

See how our partner Blue Star Recyclers provides jobs and so much more:

Irrigation Controller Recycling Facts

For every 1,000 pounds of controllers recycled:

Image text says 28 pounds of hazardous heavy metals are diverted from landfills
Image text says $79.51 in taxpayer savings
Image text says 1,394 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions are prevented
IMage text says 1.3 days of employment provided

With your help, we can reduce waste and create a
more sustainable irrigation industry!