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Water Efficiency + Smart Irrigation

Create and maintain healthy, beautiful, water-smart green spaces with water efficient
products and smart irrigation.

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When installed and maintained correctly, water efficient irrigation systems can drastically reduce water use, lowering the cost of maintaining a commercial or residential landscape, golf course or sports field. Use advanced irrigation technologies to offer water efficient upgrades and smart installations: it’s good for your business, good for your clients, and good for the environment.

Drought: It Doesn’t Have to Kill Landscapes

(Or Your Business!)

Drought conditions call for new ways of thinking, and new methods of maintaining what we love. In order to keep the landscapes where we live, work and play accessible, they have to change. This means installing new products and upgrading others. It means retrofitting water-wasting systems with efficient technologies, and converting landscapes from sprinklers to drip systems, artificial turf or even hardscape surfaces.

Drought Survival Tips

smart irrigaiton sales tools

Property owners are looking for ways to have a beautiful landscape and save water. Promote your expertise and water-saving services with these free and customizable sales tools for contractors.

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Warren Gorowitz and Steve McCarver at Ewing Irrigation


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