Water Efficiency + Smart Irrigation

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Some experts estimate that up to half of the water used to irrigate landscapes is wasted due to evaporation, wind or runoff caused by poorly adjusted sprinklers, improper design or overwatering. With the support of Ewing’s hands-on education programs, our team of friendly water management experts and a complete line of water efficient products, we can help you create and maintain healthy, beautiful, water-smart green spaces.

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Homeowners may have started asking you for an irrigation controller that can integrate with their smart home system (Nest, Amazon Echo, etc.). They may have asked for a sprinkler system they can control from their phone. They may want to see their system’s water usage...

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Why Efficient Water Management?

Good for Your Business
Increase your credibility and profit with water efficient upgrades and smart installations.

Good for Your Clients
Help your clients save money on their water bills while maintaining a beautiful outdoor escape.

Good for the Planet
Help preserve Earth’s most precious resource: water.

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Ewing Education

Education Get certified, brush up on troubleshooting techniques or learn about new technologies with Ewing Education Services.

Industry Support
Ewing has partnered with premier manufacturers and the leading associations to ensure you have the very best network of support.

Team of Water Management Professionals
Our dedicated team of friendly water management experts can assist you in selecting the right products for any job.

Smart Ideas for Smart Irrigation Month

July is Smart Irrigation Month, and the perfect time to share your commitment to water efficiency with others by promoting smart products and best practices.

Irrigation Association

Smart Marketing Contest

Enter the Irrigation Association’s contest and gain international recognition for your promotional efforts.

Ewing Landscape Water Score Card

Water Provider Toolkit

Access tools and resources to increase public awareness of the value of water-use efficiency during summer’s peak demand.

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Make Every Site a Smart Site

Smart irrigation starts with you, and we’re here to help you make every installation or retrofit water smart.

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Drought Survival Tips

Drought conditions call for new ways of thinking, and new methods of maintaining what we love. In order to keep the landscapes where we live, work and play accessible, they have to change. This means installing new products and upgrading others. It means retrofitting water-wasting systems with efficient technologies and converting landscapes from sprinklers to drip systems, artificial turf or even hardscape surfaces.

View Ewing’s Top Tips for Helping Your Landscape Survive the Drought.

Learn more from our Smart Irrigation YouTube videos.

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The Power of Water Audits

A water audit is your key to achieving optimal irrigation system efficiency, and should be the first step in any irrigation system evaluation.

Expand Your Offering
Water audits are a unique business development tool that can naturally complement your scope of services.

Increase Your Credibility
Audits provide detailed data about your client’s specific site and can help build their confidence in your service. Become a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor and earn free referrals from the Irrigation Association website.

Grow Profit with Retrofits
Audits reveal water-wasting system inefficiencies that enable you to make recommendations for system enhancements, repairs or upgrades with new water-saving technologies.

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Grow Your Business

Give your outdoor paradise that finishing touch by adding sound!

You’ve taken the time to develop some lovely landscape that can be seen during the day, why not make it visible by night as well? Check out our landscape, patio and holiday lighting options!

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