Turf & Ornamentals

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Need a little greenspiration? Ewing has every corner of your turf care covered, with the products every green thumb needs to keep turf and ornamentals healthy, vibrant and weed-free.


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Featured Video: How to Read a Fertilizer Label

When it comes to fertilizers, we have you covered. We offer a wide range of both granular and liquid fertilizer products to keep your lawn and plants green and healthy.

Weed Control

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Featured Video: Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Do you know the difference between a pre and post-emergent? Have you considered a spray additive to increase the effectiveness of your pesticide? Take a look at our many weed control options.

Non-Selective Herbicides

Ewing offers many options for non-selective herbicide products that target mature, unwanted weeds. Non-selective herbicides control both broad leaf and grassy weeds. We are a full line distributor of Monsanto products.


Pre-emergent weed control will help you stay ahead of the weed game. We carry a variety of pre-emergent products to control broad leaf and grassy weeds before they even emerge from the ground.


Target and control weeds without causing harm to your lawn with Ewing’s broad array of selective post-emergent herbicides.Sustainable option: CIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND™ Concentrate is an affordable, hybrid selective herbicide with Microtechnology+ and no offensive odor, specially formulated with less active ingredients to kill over 60 broadleaf weeds.

Spray Additives

Does your pesticide need a boost? Consider a spray additive. Ewing provides a wide range of spray additives that will increase the efficacy of applied herbicides.


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Overseeding White Paper

Take a look at some of our grass seed options below to determine what kind will work best for you! Are you in need of some tips on how to best overseed? Our white paper will walk you through the process.

King Tall Fescue

King Tall Fescue is Ewing’s premium three-way tall fescue seed blend. It features three varieties with improved disease resistance, extremely dark green color and rapid seeding establishment.

Blue Tag King Tall Fescue

Ewing’s Blue Tag King Tall Fescue is a premium three-way tall fescue seed blend featuring certified eligible seed that meets the Oregon State University standards for certification.

Par Perennial Ryegrass

Ewing’s Par Perennial Ryegrass is a blend of three different perennial ryegrass varieties selected from top performers in National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) trials.

Birdie Perennial Ryegrass

Ewing’s Birdie Perennial Ryegrass is a POA free blend of three different perennial ryegrass varieties selected from top performers in National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) trials.

Eagle Perennial Ryegrass

Eagle Perennial Ryegrass is Ewing’s premium blend of three perennial ryegrass seeds that are blue-tag certified and POA free.

Plant Growth Regulators

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Feeling like you are out mowing your lawn and trimming your shrubs more often than you want to? You are in luck! Ewing carries a wide range of plant growth regulators. These regulators slow down growth in turf grass and ornamental shrubs to help keep your mowing and trimming to a minimum.

Amendments & Soil Enhancers

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AquaSmart PRO is an absorbent polymer-coated sand that helps your soil retain more moisture and nutrients, so you can water less frequently and still maintain healthy plants.

Holganix is a plant-based, organic compost tea full of beneficial ingredients that help plants grow strong and healthy.

Erosion Control

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Hydromulch: Hydraulically applied and available in wood, straw and paper, hydromulches are sprayed through a hydroseeding machine on slopes and other exposed soils to establish vegetation and help prevent soil erosion from direct impact, such as rain and runoff.

Soil Stabilization: We offer a wide range of straw wattles, silt fence, erosion blankets and fencing. Each of these items helps keep soil where you need it to be during projects.


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Prevent un-wanted insects from making a meal out of your lawn and shrubs. Check out our variety of insecticides for treating surface feeding and grub insects. Browse our selection and keep your lawn happy and insect free!


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Who needs fungus? Not you! Systemic and contact fungicides provide preventative and curative control of pathogens. Tell mold and his buddies to take a hike with top-notch fungicides available through Ewing.

Ice Melt

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When the weather gets cold, Ewing helps you get prepared with a wide range of ice melt products that serve different purposes. Whether it’s thawing out parking lots or de-icing high-end concrete finishes, we have you covered. Check out our selection here!

Sodium Chloride (Rock Salt)

Sodium Chloride (Rock Salt) is an affordable option that will melt ice all the way down to 20 degrees F. Rock salt is very good at drying out surfaces. Use caution around concrete, plants, turf, and avoid direct contact with metal.

Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride is one of the most commonly known ice melt products available. This product will melt ice down to temperatures of -25 degrees F. Be sure to use as directed and do not over apply to avoid residue on walkways and parking lots.

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride will melt ice down to temperatures as low as -25 degrees F. This product is friendlier toward metals and landscape than some options, but may leave a residue on walkways and parking lots.

Potassium Chloride

Potassium Chloride can be very effective if blended with Sodium Chloride at a 50/50 ratio. This product will melt ice to temperatures as low as 12 degrees F. It is a relatively safe product to apply around turf and plants. Be sure to use as directed and do not over apply.


Urea is a fertilizer that is often used as an ice melt alternative. Urea will melt ice at temperatures as low as 15 degrees F. Be sure to use as directed and do not over apply.

Applicators & Safety Gear

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Ewing provides a variety of sprayers, spreaders, tip and pours, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to help keep you safe during your work project. Check out our selection here!

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Grow Your Business!

From sunlight management and algae control to pH management, Ewing has aquatic products and technical expertise to help you create and maintain healthy, aesthetically pleasing bodies of water.

Hardscape areas can highlight surrounding landscape in a creative, easy-to-accomplish way. Ewing offers a large variety of pavers to choose from.

You’ve taken the time to develop some lovely landscapes that can be seen by day, why not make them visible by night as well? Check out our lighting options!