20-20-20 All Purpose 25 lb

Total Gro 20-20-20 All Purpose 25 lb

TG 25LB 20-20-20 WATER SOL


  • Use where a 1-1-1 fertilizer ratio is desired
    • N=20%
    • P=20%
    • K=20%
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This is an ideal general purpose plant food formulation designed for routine fertilization for a wide variety of greenhouse crops, turf, ornamental trees, shrubs and fruit trees. 20-20-20 All Purpose can be used where the fertility state of the soil is not known, or where nutrients are at a medium (optimum) level where no special fertility correction is necessary. Because of its acid-forming potential, it is useful to correct high pH and build-up of alkalinity in media and soils. The balanced nitrogen forms in this product promote the optimum production of crops including tropical foliage plants and container-grown azaleas, camellias, gardenias and other ornamental shrubs. This formulation can be foliar-applied to provide quick green-up.

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