T5 RapidSet 5-inch Turf Pop-up Rotor

Toro T5 RapidSet 5-inch Turf Pop-up Rotor


SKU#:30004200 | MFG#:T5PCK-RS

  • Single stream gear driven rotor with an adjustable arc from 40° to 360°.
  • Full 5 inch pop-up height.
  • Includes range of nozzles covering 25 to 50 feet in radius.
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The Toro® T5 RapidSet® Series Rotor has the features to satisfy all your basic irrigation needs. The T5 offers an extra inch of pop-up height compared to most competitive units.

Available with the optional RapidSet® feature, a quick and easy way to make arc adjustments - with no tools needed. Arc adjustments from 40° to 360° can be made quickly with a few twists for the turret. The patent-pending RapidSet slip clutch also protects against gear damage caused by intentional vandalism or inexperienced users.

Comes with a full set of 8 standard nozzles (25° trajectory) and 4 low angle (10° trajectory) nozzles. The nozzles’ unique geometry creates a zone of low pressure just below the main stream to gently guide water downward for unmatched uniformity without forcefully washing out newly-laid seeds.

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