Sweet Spot Tamp Handle

Beacon Athletics Sweet Spot Tamp Handle


SKU#:68590700 | MFG#:220-100-060

  • Dampening, dead blow, effect removes vibration.
  • Cushioned handle with great grip.
  • Fits SweetSpot tamp heads exclusively.
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Maintaining the condition of the pitcher’s mound is crucial to the safety of players and to the success of the game. Typical tamping systems can quickly fatigue a groundskeeper – they are heavier than the SweetSpot, and have a handle that is fused to the tamp head, resulting in extreme vibrations, jarring and a decreased chance of delivering an efficient blow squarely to the surface of the mound. The SweetSpot was designed with the groundskeeper in mind. Its lightweight design is about 30% lighter than traditional steel tamps. The six degrees of articulation where the handle and head meet ensure that each blow to the surface is delivered directly and with the full force exerted by it. The result:

  • Less work to effectively compact clay from variable heads that give you targeted, concentrated power
  • Full power is delivered with each stroke as the articulating head strikes the surface squarely every time
  • Reduced or eliminated vibrations reduces operator fatigue and lowers the risk of injury
  • Swappable heads (available in 4 sizes) lets you maximize efficiency
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