Snaploc Yellow Low Voltage Wire Connector

Blazing Products Snaploc Yellow Low Voltage Wire Connector


SKU#:17000670 | MFG#:LV9000

  • For us with 14 - 22 gauge wire
  • Silicone filled
  • Fits up to 5 wires
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Blazing LV 9000 and LV 9500 wire connectors are the low-voltage wire connectors designed for the professional irrigation and landscape lighting contractor. Unlike twist-on connectors, you never have to doubt the connection. With a unique design that hydraulically coats the connection in silicone, the LV series connectors are completely waterproof.

Just squeeze and lock to hydraulically pump and pack waterproofing silicone around your splice. Pre-filled silicone fully encapsulates all bare wires, closing all entryways against moisture and corrosion. A double O-ring seal bars water from creeping in, and latches lock the connector around the wires. Blazing Wire Connectors™ are vibration-proof and never dangle off the wires.

The Blazing LV 9000 is a great connector for residential irrigation valve splices, repairs to trailers and other weather sensitive wiring, and virtually any small wire splice. The LV 9000 can hold up to 5 18-gauge wires in its patented "V-channel" hold and locks in to its silicone filled outer housing.

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