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5 Ways to Save

In the U.S., we use nearly 9 billion gallons of water daily for outdoor landscape irrigation. Experts estimate that as much as half of outdoor water use is wasted due to overwatering and inefficient irrigation. Help save water in any landscape with these ideas.

Combine more than one water efficient technology for even greater water savings!

Smart Controllers

Smart controllers use weather and landscape data to automatically adjust watering to match landscape needs, reducing water use by up to 40 percent! Replacing a standard clock timer with a WaterSense labeled smart irrigation controller can save an average home nearly 8,800 gallons of water each year!

Intro to Smart Controllers

How the Rachio Smart Controller Works

Rain + Soil Sensors

Rain and freeze sensors shut off your irrigation when it rains or gets too cold, for a water savings of 15-20 percent. Soil sensors and other weather sensors work with a controller to water only when needed, reducing water use by up to 60 percent.

Intro to Weather + Soil Sensors

How to Install a Soil Sensor

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is the most efficient irrigation method, and can be used for all plants, including turf! Pressure compensating emitters with check valves and other pressure regulators can help you achieve maximum efficiency. Converting sprinklers to drip irrigation can reduce water use by 20-50 percent.

How to Convert Sprinklers to Drip

How to Install a Drip System

Efficient Sprinklers

Install and retrofit sprinklers with high-efficiency spray or rotary nozzles for more effective watering and water savings, which can save 30 percent over traditional sprinklers. Use sprinklers with check valves in low spots and pressure-regulating sprinklers for ideal performance.

Intro to Water-Efficient Sprinkler Nozzles

Benefits of Pressure Regulating Sprinklers

Soil Enhancements

Soil enhancements like AquaSmart PRO and Holganix can help increase moisture and nutrients in the soil for healthier plants with less water. With healthy soil and proper watering, plants will develop stronger, deeper roots and improved drought resistance. AquaSmart PRO can reduce watering frequency by 50 percent or more.

AquaSmart PRO for Water Restricted Areas

How Holganix Helps Plants

Results May Vary

While the water savings listed here are real results, your actual water savings may vary depending on site conditions, climate, proper installation and other factors. Contact your local Ewing for recommendations for your region and site(s).