Sharpshooter Drain Spade

Metal Concepts Sharpshooter Drain Spade



  • Long handled heavy-duty spade
  • 78 inch insulated handle
  • Built from 100% steel construction to last season after season
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Metal Concepts Sharpshooter drain spade is a necessity for any landscape or construction professional. 100% steel construction with an insulated handle will last season after season. Use caution around utility lines as the Sharpshooter will conduct electricity.

  • Blends the weight benefits of a steel digging bar with the narrow head of a trenching shovel
  • Absorbs recoil when working in hard or rocky soils with vinyl grip
  • Straighter blade angle allows for easy shaping or squaring of holes and trenches
  • Sharpened and heat treated chrome-molly steel provides superior penetration through the most difficult soils and roots
  • Over 12 inches of continuous weld, failures between the blade and the handle are virtually nonexistent
  • Stays cool when left in the sun with vinyl grip
  • High visibility powder coating helps to avoid accidental loss on job sites and promotes durability
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