Scotchlok Waterproof Wire Connector

3M Scotchlok Waterproof Wire Connector


SKU#:17000300 | MFG#:316IR

  • Cuts through copper element requiring no stripping of wires
  • Rated for 600 volts
  • 30 connectors per bag
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Use 3M™ Scotchlok™ 316IR Electrical IDCs to electrically connect two or three wire ends, insulate the connection and provide a moisture resistant seal. Recommended for use with low energy underground circuit wires, sprinkler systems, landscape lighting or other moisture resistance wires for applications of less than 30 volts. Sealant is a mineral oil-based grease. Maximum insulation O.D.diameter of 0.155 inches (3,9 mm) and a operating temperature of 221°F (105°C). The suggested application tool for this connector is the E-9BM Crimping Tool

Gel-filled waterproof connectors using the insulation displacement concept. No need to strip insulation off the wire. Accepts 3 wires from 22 to 16 AWG.

Key Specifications

  • No stripping of wires: The connector utilizes the proven 3M “Insulation Displacement Connector” method whereby a copper element cuts through the sides of the wire insulation and applies inward pressure to the copper conductor. This makes a secure, reliable connection.
  • A waterproof gel: protects the electrical connection from moisture and water. For above ground installation, or in a valve box.
  • Quick and easy to use: Simply slide the un-stripped wires inside the connector ports and push the black lid down using a pair of long-handled pliers. The MGC has a soft gray boot that stays tightly around the wire as it is inserted into the connector to keep the gel inside.
  • The insulation does not shrink back: During the installation process, wire is sometimes stretched. When the wire is cut, the insulation slowly shrinks back. Because the copper blades of IDC’s only cut the sides of the insulation, it is held inside the gel-filled connector.
  • The wire range: ideal for residences, commercial and industrial projects. The two outer ports are used for Irrigation wire or Low Voltage Landscape Lighting cable.
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