Arched Top Wood Storage Box

RTF Systems Arched Top Wood Storage Box



  • 22.5" W x 42" H x 25" D.
  • Arched curve-style top.
  • Storage for wood and accessories.
  • RTF Fireplace not included.
  • Storage boxes shown in dark grey.
Ewing List Price $1,590.55
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RTF fireplace products provide the perfect components to construct the ideal outdoor living space. When installing an outdoor fireplace on your patio, having storage for wood and accessories alongside of your fire feature can be convenient and increase its aesthetic appeal. These storage boxes come in a pair and feature an arched top, complimenting the looks of the RTF traditional fireplace. Finish the boxes and fireplace with rock, stone or other materials for a completely customizable look.

RTF recommends an estimate of 66 square feet of veneer material and an estimate of 22 square feet of hearthtop/cap material total for the wood boxes. Finishing material quantities are provided as estimates only and may vary based on the type of material chosen. Verify dimensions and quantities prior to ordering materials.

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