Roundup ProMax Herbicide - 1.67 gallon Bottle

Seamless Control LLC Roundup ProMax Herbicide - 1.67 gallon Bottle



  • More concentrated and faster results.
  • 30 minute rainfast warranty.
  • 1.67 gallon jug.

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Roundup PROMAX® herbicide is the next generation in the evolution of high performing Roundup® IT&O Products for the green industry.Roundup PROMAX® herbicide is used to control weeds and brush in professional vegetation management situations such as turf management, landscaping, roadsides, and utility rights of way.

More Concentrated Roundup PROMAX® is a new potassium salt formulation. One gallon of Roundup PROMAX® contains the glyphosate acid equivalent of 6 quarts of the older 41% IPA-salt formulations.

Consistent, Professional Performance Roundup PROMAX® controls a broad-spectrum of broadleaf weeds, grasses vines and brush.

30-Minute Rainfast Warranty The unique surfactant system of Roundup PROMAX® allows the solution to penetrate weed leaf surfaces faster, which means Roundup PROMAX® is rainfast in half the time of its predecessor, Roundup PRO®.

Key Features

  • Roundup PROMAX is formulated as a potassium (K+) salt. The smaller K+ – salt molecule allows a 33% higher concentration of glyphosate in every gallon
  • Roundup PROMAX contains 4.5 lbs. acid equivalent (a.e.) per gallon vs. only 3.0 lbs a.e. per gallon in older 41% IPA Salt Formulations
  • The new 1.67 gallon jug of Roundup PROMAX makes up to 142 gallons of spray solution at the annual weed use rate of 1.5 oz, per gallon or 106 gallons at the 2.0 oz per gallon rate recommended for perennial weeds, brush and vines
  • Additional surfactant is not required or recommended
  • Lower Viscosity = easier pouring, less sticky cleanup and measuring
  • Smaller, more durable jug with graduated measuring cup makes it easier for applicators to handle, measure and mix in the field

For more than 30 years, Monsanto has built a reputation for providing dependable solutions to weed control problems. Its family of Industrial, Turf and Ornamental herbicides provides consistent quality and performance in professional management situations such as roadsides, utility rights of way, turf management and landscaping.

Monsanto’s family of IT&O products provide the best business value and delivers to you the performance, confidence, and satisfaction for all of your herbicide and weed control needs. With a knowledgeable and accessible sales and service team that brings over 100 years of experience in finding weed control solutions for your business.

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