Pros Choice RapidDry Infield Drying Agent - 50 lb. Bag

Pro's Choice Pros Choice RapidDry Infield Drying Agent - 50 lb. Bag


SKU#:55013710 | MFG#:A45216-G40

  • Stay in the game with Rapid Dry drying agent
  • These tiny granules are designed to quickly wick away excess water from your infield
  • Keep your games playing safely and without delay
  • 50 pound bag
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Pro’s Choice products offer a whole team of products to help make your infield the best it can be. Pro’s Choice Red and Pro’s Choice Select soil conditioners can be used in field construction or as top dressing to eliminate compaction and improve playing surfaces. Pro Mound® packing clay can be used to construct long-wearing and stable pitcher’s mounds and batter’s boxes. Rapid Dry® drying agent can save the game by drying up puddles and slick spots after rain.

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