26-inch FilterFalls - 2-inch Bulkhead

Atlantic Water Gardens 26-inch FilterFalls - 2-inch Bulkhead



  • Biological filters remove suspended solids, convert toxic ammonia and nitrites to harmless nitrates and aerate the pond
  • Designed to be able to expand filter capacity as ponds age and fish grow
  • Improves water quality and clarity
  • Oversized chamber contains more media material to start with, accepts additional filtration when needed and accommodates more choices of filtration media
  • Overhanging weir with drip edge eliminates leaking due to silicone seal failure
  • Reinforced body prevents warping and deformation
  • Support bars accommodate heavier stone and gravel for ease in camouflaging
  • FilterFalls includes installation kit, male thread adapter and one-piece liner flange
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Atlantic FilterFalls are biological and mechanical filters that remove suspended solids and dissolved wastes in the water. Filter pads intercept debris pumped into the bottom of the Filterfalls, while colonies of beneficial bacteria in the pads convert toxic ammonia into benign nitrates, for plants to take up. Fast and easy to install, the liner attachment design eliminates the chance of leakage at the top of the falls or stream, and the clean, clear water overflowing from the top of the FilterFalls is aerated as it tumbles back down into the pond.

Plumbable from every angle, and with multiple media options to accommodate every need, FilterFalls adapt to any water garden, and media can be easily upgraded to accommodate increasing filtering requirements as water gardens mature. Versatility and the ability to upgrade filter media, combined with exceptional strength and durability.

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