Grass Cel Paving Block

Landscape Products Grass Cel Paving Block



  • Grass-Cel Structures transform your heavy traffic areas into beautiful lawns.
  • Prevent wear and compaction on intensive use turfgrass areas.
  • Prevents soil compaction in high traffic areas.
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Grass-Cel Paving is an exciting product that lends itself to many new techniques in landscape design. Now it becomes possible and practical to think in terms of wear areas, rather than paths or roads. Grass-Cel Paving can be installed in those areas that need it. We can now eliminate the need for "Keep Off The Grass" signs, barriers, chains, posts, etc. The aesthetic beauty of many turfgrass areas is enhanced with Grass-Cel Paving. Grass-Cel Paving Blocks are tough and resilient. The honeycomb structure makes each piece strong and durable.

Each honeycomb cell has a round opening at the base. Air, water and nutrients move through these holes to the soil below. Grass roots extend through these holes, binding the Grass-Cel Paving Blocks to the surface. The slot provided in the walls of each cell allow roots, stolons and rhizomes to move freely from cell to cell. The longer time that this paving is down, the stronger the surface becomes. The traffic is supported by the vertical walls of the honeycomb cells. Soil within the cell cannot be compacted by normal traffic.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions Overall: 13 X 12 X 1-1/2. Note: When pieces are interlocked, the area covered approximates one square foot.
  • Weight: 17 ounces per block.
  • Color: Black.
  • Structure: 30 hexagon cells, 1" opening at base. Locking tabs and slots.
  • Material: Reinforced high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors.
  • Packaging: 360 pieces per pallet.

Note: In all installations, the Grass-Cel Paving Structures will only be as stable as the base upon which it is placed. Some soils are unstable and special steps should be taken to stabilize the area before putting down Grass-Cel Paving. It is important that the base material firmly supports Grass-Cel Structures as well as provides good drainage and promotes grass root penetration.

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