Streamliner 70 4-Wheel Line Chalker

Beacon Athletics Streamliner 70 4-Wheel Line Chalker


SKU#:68889702 | MFG#:240-100-190

  • Heavy-duty rugged construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Quickly changes from 2" to 4" chalk lines.
  • 70-pound capacity for consistent, solid lines.
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The Streamliner 70 four-wheel line chalker is a 70-pound-capacity dry line marker that is the biggest, baddest field liner around. It can easily withstand daily wear and tear with its heavy-duty steel frame and rugged molded hopper. The four pneumatic, no-flat tires will give you a steady roll with superior balance and clear line guides so tracking your string line is easy. Not only will the Streamliner 70 give you consistent, solid lines, it can save you money as it uses 30% less chalk on average than other chalkers. Expect smoother tracking and straighter, steadier lines with a performance that will far outlast the competition. In field tests the Streamliner 70 lasted 50% longer than one competitor and 200% longer than another!

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame and rugged molded poly hopper that withstand daily wear and tear
  • One-button retractable handle for easy storage in equipment boxes
  • Quick changes between 2" and 4" lines and variable flow control to better monitor chalk usage
  • Rigid poly hopper reduces bridging for more consistent
  • Flexible brush agitator helps improve chalk flow and delivers steady chalk distribution
  • Optional refurbishing kits ensure long-lasting performance
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