ESP-TM2 6-Station Outdoor Controller

Rain Bird ESP-TM2 6-Station Outdoor Controller


SKU#:35008006 | MFG#:STP6PL

  • Contractor-grade irrigation controller.
  • Program flexible scheduling with multiple start times.
  • Easy-to-use with familiar ESP interface.

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The Rain Bird ESP-TM2 controller has been designed to offer a contractor-grade irrigation controller for residential and light commercial applications. The ESP-TM2 controller provides flexible scheduling features to accommodate a wide variety of landscape applications. There are advanced irrigation features that can be enabled to meet any type of regional watering restrictions.

The Rain Bird ESP-TM2 controller is designed to be an easy-to-use, program-based controller with the familiar ESP user interface, a large LCD screen and universal icons on both the controller overlay and the LCD. Included is a plastic wall-mount cabinet with door, mounting screws with anchor shields and a factory-installed pigtail for easy installation. Use this controller for indoor or outdoor applications.

Controller Features:

  • Large back-lit LCD display for improved visibility in low-light and direct sunlight conditions
  • Familiar, easy to navigate user interface
  • Rain sensor input with bypass capability
  • Master valve/pump start circuit
  • Nonvolatile (100 year) storage memory
  • Electronic diagnostic circuit breaker
  • Remote accessory port for Rain Bird approved accessory devices

Scheduling Features:

  • Program-based scheduling with 3 individual programs and 4 independent start times per program for 12 total start times
  • Watering schedule options: Custom days of the week, ODD or EVEN calendar days, or Cyclic (every 1 - 30 days)

Advanced Features:

  • Manual Watering option for all stations, a single station or an individual program
  • Seasonal Adjust applied to all programs or an individual program
  • Delay Watering up to 14 days (only applies to stations set to obey the Rain sensor
  • Permanent Days Off (for odd, even or cyclic programming)
  • Sensor bypass for all programs or for individual station
  • Adjustable delay between stations
  • Contractor Default Program Save and Restore saved program(s)
  • Master Valve on/off by station
  • Automatic short detect with station-specific alarm messages

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