Sandtrapper I 1120 Square Feet

Santrapper Sandtrapper I 1120 Square Feet



  • Great for moderate applications.
  • Fight sand contamination and prevent washouts.
  • Long term protection.
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For facilities that have less severe bunker designs, or bunkers with little or no sand flashing, Sandtrapper I delivers solid control and is an extremely affordable choice. The bunker liner is great for fighting sand contamination, preventing washouts and offers long term protection. Sandtrapper is the only bunker renovation product on the market designed specifically for application in bunker settings.

Why Use Sandtrapper?

  • Labor Savings: Bunker liners stabilize sand on sloped surfaces reducing the likelihood of washouts caused by rain or irrigation. Increase labor savings after liner installation due to less man hours needed after every rain or irrigation event.
  • Sand Savings: Bunker sands are typically replaced every 5 to 7 years. Proper liner selection will mitigate contamination and extend the sand's life.
  • Greater Playability: Playability is the ability of the golf course to remain open and in revenue-earning mode following rain events. Freeing up labor to perform other vital activities is an added benefit when liners are used.
  • Greater Consistency: Consistency describes sand moisture content throughout the entire bunker area. High drainage capacity liners will improve sand consistency while maintaining proper moisture wicking through the sand profile.
  • Improved Drainage Performance: High drainage capacity bunker liners provide a permeability rate two orders of magnitude greater than that of the bunker sand itself. This enables rapid drainage of the overlying bunker sand, even on 'flat' surfaces.
  • Ease of Installation: Installation is a simple, intuitive process with no special tools or conditions required.
  • Aesthetics: Golfers will almost certainly favor playing courses with more dramatic-looking bunkers. Because of today's highly competitive environment, the value of aesthetics should not be overlooked.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • The Sandtrapper I non-woven material is constructed of polyester fibers in a textured non-woven fabrication.
  • Color: White
  • Weight: oz sq yd/kg sq m(lbs/roll): 6/.142(70)
  • Thickness (mm): 7
  • Fiber Type: Polyester
  • Binder: Cross-Linking Non Soluble
  • Area Per Roll - 56" (1.42 m): 1120 ft² (104.5 m²)
  • Use: Sandtrapper I is used for golf course bunkers with low to moderate slopes in order to combat washouts and sand contamination. It is used along the sloped areas and throughout the entire bunker. It can be used in hybrid configurations with other styles.
  • Construction: Sandtrapper I is a matrix of polyester fiber and latex binder.
  • Green Initiative: Water-based latex resins are used in the manufacturing process. No phenol-formaldehyde resins are used in the binding process. Manufacturing plants operate under EPA approved Clean Air Permit.
  • Product Care: Each roll of Sandtrapper is shipped in a UV protectant wrap. It's recommended that the product be stored indoors or covered when outdoors for an extended period.
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