IQ Flow Smart Connection Module

Rain Bird IQ Flow Smart Connection Module


SKU#:35100510 | MFG#:IQ4620

  • Provides IQNet high-speed data cable connections for ESP-LXME controllers
  • Includes Flow Smart Module and Base Module functions
  • Replaces standard ESP-LXME Base Module
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The Rain Bird IQ Irrigation Central Control System provides cost-effective, multiple-site centralized irrigation control from a single computer. IQ empowers the Landscape Maintenance Contractor, Property Manager, or Irrigation Water Manager to monitor and control irrigation operation at multiple remote sites. IQ communication capabilities virtually eliminate the need to travel to remote sites to make programming changes or adjustments. Manual operation and programming functions that were performed only at the site irrigation controller can now be done from the IQ central computer.

IQ v2.0 Central Control Software offers state-of-the-art command and control features in an easy to learn and use interface. IQ provides advanced water management features saving money and time. IQ Software has modular satellite controller capacity and features. Purchase only what you need today and upgrade as your needs change in the future.

IQ provides remote programming, management, and monitoring of ESP-LX Series Controllers from the computer in your office. IQ is the perfect irrigation control solution for parks departments, school districts, property managers, landscape maintenance contractors, and water managers. IQ can manage small single-controller sites as well as large multi-controller sites and supports both ESP- LX Series traditionally wired and 2-wire decoder controllers.

The IQSTARTCD Base Software Package provides 5-satellite controller capacity and a basic set of features. IQ software satellite controller capacity can be upgraded in 5-satellite increments with the IQ5SATSWU Upgrade to any total satellite capacity required. Advanced features are available in IQ Software Feature Packs. Feature Packs include a bundle of related features that expand the capabili - ties of the IQ Base Software Package. IQ Base Software and Feature Packs include a context-sensitive help system. Click on the help icon available in most screens and be taken directly to the help topic feature you are using. The software offers multiple language, date/time, and units support allowing the user to interface with the software in their primary language. User selectable languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Key Features

  • Software 5-satellite controller capacity
  • IQNet 5-satellite capacity upgradable in 5-satellite increments
  • Compatible with ESP-LXM & ESP-LXME traditionally-wired and ESP-LXD 2-wire decoder controllers
  • Programming in seconds, minutes, and hours
  • Daily or Monthly Seasonal Adjust % or ET station run time adjustments by site
  • Additional capacity is added through a purchased software activation keycode
  • Feature Packs are enabled through a purchased software activation keycode
  • Feature Pack features are enabled for all sites and satellites in the IQ Software
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