Pro95 Armada Milliamp Clamp Meter

Armada Pro95 Armada Milliamp Clamp Meter


  • Measures line currents from 5 microamperes
  • Measures AC volts and amps, DC volts and ohms
  • True RMS measurement
  • Auto-off after 30 minutes idle
  • Back-lit screen for dark areas
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The Pro95 Advanced AC leakage clamp multimeter is perfect for 2-wire troubleshooting. It makes it possible to diagnose cable and equipment faults in 2-wire systems without opening splices. The Pro95 measures AC line current with a resolution on 1 microampere simply by clamping over wires in a control cable. In addition, VAC, VDC, and ohms measurements are available. All utilize a built-in auto ranging function for easy use. Package includes Pro95 meter, carrying case, test probes, instructions, and batteries.

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