PRO50K Solenoid Activator - Multimeter w/ Tone Probe Kit

Armada PRO50K Solenoid Activator - Multimeter w/ Tone Probe Kit



  • Trigger solenoids
  • Chatter function 
  • Read amperage, voltage and ohms
  • Pro220 Toner included
  • AA Battery Power (4) for 250+ Hours of Operation
  • Detachable leads 
  • Bright Automatic LED Headlight/Flashlight
  • Single-button control with a comfortable, tactile feel
  • AC Noise Filter Reduction design allows use in high interference areas
  • Headset Jack
  • High sensitivity side mounted volume control
  • Metal/plastic combination tip to give maximum response but still protect sensitive hardware
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Old, antiquated solenoid testers are no match for the brand new Pro50 from Armada. Let's face it, LED testers went out with the 90's. Digital is the best way to test, activate, chatter, and diagnose as digital processors can be programmed to deal with any situation. The digital capability of the Pro50 allows it to test AC, DC, high resistance, and any low voltage solenoid out there. The Pro50 can do them all with the digital LCD screen, unlike the old analog models. But the digital multimeter built in really sets it apart. Different solenoids have different resistances and the meter diagnoses the actual voltages and resistance, letting the user decide what is good and what is not. For example, imagine an old solenoid tester, which are hard wired for a 20 to 60 ohm good range. Some DC solenoids read less than 20 ohms and will be diagnosed as shorts. On the Pro50, a 4 ohm solenoid reads as 4 ohms, thereby correctly identifying it as a good working solenoid. Digital is smarter.

The Pro220A Advanced AC Filtered CATV Tone and Probe ID Kit incorporates features specifically for the cable TV industry.  First, the tone generator uses both male and female F connectors for easy interface with CATV cabling.  Second, both the Pro110A Tone Generator and Pro210F AC Filter Probe utilize AA batteries, which are commonly available at any CATV facility and provide 250+ hours of operation.  Third, the Pro210F probe is highly advanced, with AC filtering technology to reduce interior AC noise interference and buzz.

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