Pro48K Armada Irrigation Station Test Kit

Armada Pro48K Armada Irrigation Station Test Kit


SKU#:42012045 | MFG#:PRO48K

  • Activate solenoids
  • Verify 24v clock output
  • Detect short/open wires
  • Chatter solenoids
  • Check solenoid condition
  • ID wire with tone/probe
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The Pro48K Multi-Function Irrigation System Test Kit is a complete portable, battery-operated irrigation system diagnostic kit priced for ownership. This kit consists of a Pro48 Solenoid Activator, the Pro210F Tone Probe and a Pro21 soft carrying case.


Pro48 Multi-Function Irrigation Test Tool:

  • Power Requirements: Two 9V Alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Battery Life: 3 hours continuous chatter
  • Voltage Output: 36VDC peak
  • Voltage Protection: 28VAC

Pro210F Tone Probe & Pro48 Solenoid Activator — Together with the Pro210F Tone Probe, the Pro48 can transmit a tracing tone and identify wires using traditional tone/probe methods. Operation is simple, as LEDs indicate tests and conditions.

  • One-button tracking of wire tracing tones
  • Bright white LED headlight for probing in dim locations
  • Two tracing modes: Normal or noise rejecting (1 kHz-only-detect for use with Pro48 and Pro110)
  • Volume control
  • Uses four AA batteries for 200+ hours of life (not included)

Pro21 Carrying Case — Both the Pro48 and the Pro210F units can be kept in this durable soft carrying case.

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