Water Features

A small waterfall flowing into a pond

From filtration to aeration, Ewing has everything you need to build beautiful water features. Water features like ponds, fountains, waterfalls and water gardens are popular products in the outdoor living industry, and a profitable add-on for your business.

From small residential applications to large commercial properties, Ewing has a water feature solution for any space and any budget. Whether the focus is on small, self-contained water features or elaborate pond and waterfall systems, Ewing can help every step of the way.

A pond with floating lilly-pads

Featured Video: Water Feature Options for Your Landscape

Adding a water feature is a great way to enhance the beauty of any landscape. In this video, Rick McNabb from Ewing Irrigation discusses the various options available.

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Natural Water Features

From small-scale pondless waterfall systems to more robust ponds that host a living ecosystem, these man-made water creations mimic nature to produce a serene, inviting environment with infinite design possibilities. We also carry complete pond kits and the appropriate maintenance products for small-scale water features.

Architectural Water Features

From decorative fountains to wet walls and custom built installations, architectural features are as diverse as your imagination. These hybrid-systems blend design and balance with art and nature and are generally constructed of man-made products such as stone, cement or metal. They seldom involve plants or fish and are often incorporated into residential and commercial settings.

Lake & Pond Management

From liners and sunlight exposure management to algae control and pH management, Ewing has the products and technical expertise to help you create and maintain healthy, aesthetically pleasing bodies of water.

An aerator spraying in a pond


Introducing the appropriate amount of oxygen into a body of water depends on size, depth, movement and other factors. We supply surface, subsurface and diffused air aeration products, as well as jets and floating fountains.

Buckets of additives

Water Quality Additives

A healthy ecosystem requires proper chemistry and nutrient levels, and we can help you strike the right balance with nature by providing a complete line of water treatments and algae control products.

Shears cutting a pond liner

Liners & Structural Hardware

We offer liners, fasteners, rainwater containment options, overflow engineering and pump housing components for water containment systems.

Turtles sitting on rocks in a pond

Feature Video: Lake & Pond Management - Aeration, Circulation, Treatments

Rick McNabb, from Ewing Irrigation, explains the benefits of retention ponds and lakes and also demonstrates how to keep them looking good through regular maintenance.

A small pond next to a lawn

Featured Blog: How to Troubleshoot Leaks in a Backyard Pond

Is water disappearing from your pond? There are several steps, tips and tricks to finding out if the pond has a leak. Determine if it’s a leak or simply evaporation…

Education & Support

We’re here to help you expand your business with water features. Consider us your personal resource.

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Join Ewing experts for a hands-on workshop focused on residential scale projects.

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Access to Industry Experts

Ewing partners with the leading manufacturers to provide you with a solid support network and the highest quality of products available.

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Professional Contractor Support

Have a question regarding professional installation? We can help. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions


    What is a pondless waterfall?

    Waterfalls and streams provide beautiful sights and sounds for any backyard. A pondless waterfall is a waterfall and stream without a pond. The water used in this kind of feature is stored below the ground and disappears. Because this type of water feature doesn’t have a pond, it requires less filtration and maintenance.


    What are some great water feature options for a front or backyard?

    There are a couple different types of water features that will be well suited for either a front or back yard. For a simple option, consider a space-conscious Aquabasin with a decorative, flowing urn. A pondless waterfall and stream provides a more natural looking feature that can complement scenic greenery. Finally, if you are looking for a large statement piece, or simply want a feature that will allow you to dangle your feet in the water, consider an eco-system pond with beautiful waterfalls, aquatic plants and fish.


    What size pump do I need for a waterfall and stream feature?

    The size of your pump greatly depends on how wide your waterfall is. To achieve a full flow of water with plenty of sound, you need a pump that can handle 2,500 gallons of flow per hour, per foot of waterfall width. For example—if you are installing an Aquabasin with a flowing urn, you will need around 300 gallons per hour, per foot of circumference of the urn. Contact your local Ewing specialist with your measurements for individualized results.


    How many fish can I put in my eco-system pond?

    The correct answer is not how many fish, but how many inches of fish. An eco system pond will typically support 1-inch of fish per square foot of pond surface area. The exact size of your eco-system pond may cause results to vary.


    How is the water in a pond filtered?

    Filtration is very important in an eco-system pond. First, the water passes through a skimmer that captures floating debris in the pond. Second, the water is processed through a mechanical filter media, which removes some of the smaller particles. Third, the water goes through a biological filter where beneficial bacteria breaks down excess nutrient and debris. Finally, the water is filtered by the rocks and gravel at the bottom of the pond where high concentrations of beneficial bacteria continue to break down excess nutrient and debris.


    How deep should a backyard pond be?

    A backyard eco-system pond should be two-to-three feet deep. This amount of water provides plenty of depth for fish and plants to thrive in a pond.


    What are the advantages to using an EPDM rubber liner in my water feature?

    Eco-system ponds and pondless waterfalls and streams are usually installed by utilizing an EPDM rubber liner that directs the flow of water and keeps water from leaking out. EPDM rubber liners are very strong and last indefinitely. They are also flexible and allow the water feature to settle without causing any major damage.


    How do I ensure a water feature never runs out of water?

    Water features can be installed with an automatic water level fill valve included. These make excellent additions to your feature, because as its water level begins to drop, (due to evaporation, wind, splashing or other factors), the valve will open and water will be added as needed.


    What size pipe should I use to/from the pump to the waterfall?

    The size of the pipe used for a water feature is very important. If the pipe is too small, there will be too much friction loss and the bulk of the flow volume will be lost. As a general rule, the water should not exceed five feet per second as it travels through the pipe.


    Is it OK for the pump in my water feature to run 24/7?

    The more you run the pump in the water feature, the more oxygen you will add to the water. This process helps beneficial bacteria keep the water clean. If your water feature is an Aquabasin urn or a pondless waterfall, you can turn them off at night. If your water feature is an eco-system pond, you should let the pump run 24/7.


    Does my water feature need a UV filter?

    Adding a UV filter helps to eliminate the ability of certain types of algae to reproduce. If your eco system pond doesn’t have a skimmer or a bio falls, you should consider installing a UV filter.

Grow your business

Grow Your Business

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