3/4 in. PGV Slip Anti-Siphon Valve

Hunter 3/4 in. PGV Slip Anti-Siphon Valve


SKU#:44008720 | MFG#:42595

  • Anti-siphon irrigation valve with 3/4" female slip connections.
  • External and internal manual bleed allows quick and easy "at the valve" activation.
  • Durable six-bolt bonnet design for maximum strength.
  • Removable anti-siphon cap for simple servicing.
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Irrigation systems that require backflow prevention for every zone, Hunter PGV-ASV anti-siphon valve offers simple operation and trouble-free performance. The convenient all-in-one unit offers a host of features that professionals expect from a Hunter valve. The included flow control allows for fine tuning flow and pressure to each valve. The PGV-ASV valve also inclues a rugged diaphragm, internal and external bleed, stainless-stell screws and heavy-duty PVC construction with a glass-reinforced bonnet.

Key Features

  • Six-bolt bonnet design for superior strength.
  • Greater strength and performance in high heat site conditions.
  • Made of durable PVC and stainless steel to resist wear.
  • Internal and external manual bleed.
  • Standard flow control.
  • Rigid diaphragm support. Works to prevent stress failure in tough conditions
  • Completely captive solenoid plunger and anti-siphon poppet.
  • Compatibility with DC solenoids and Hunter WVC, SVC and XC Hybrid controllers.

Do I need backflow prevention?

Backflow is an undesirable reversal of the flow of water and other unwanted substances (e.g., reclaimed water, lawn chemicals, fertilizer) from any source into the distribution pipes of a potable water system. At a typical residential or commercial installation, the actual problem is called back siphonage. Because sprinkler heads are located below ground level, water which may have been in contact with fertilizers or other potentially toxic applications can be siphoned back through a valve and enter the potable water supply. A backflow prevention device like the PGV-ASV contains an internal plunger which, during flow, prevents water from flowing out of the unit and, when the valve closes, drops down to provide a vent opening. The result is safe, uncontaminated water where you expect it.

Key Specifications

  • Flow rate: 0.2 to 40 GPM.
  • Recommended pressure range: 20 to 150 PSI.
  • 24 VAC solenoid.
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