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4 in. PGP Ultra Adjustable Rotor

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4 in. PGP Ultra Adjustable Rotor


SKU#: 44000705 | Mfg#: 43497


  • 4" pop-up with 3/4" inlet.
  • Includes blue square top nozzles with 8 standard, 4 low-angle.
  • Patented automatic arc return: Returns to the original arc regardless of where the turret is turned
  • Fully adjustable from 50° to true nonstop full circle rotation.

The PGP Ultra is the award-winning Hunter Industries gear drive rotor with the same great features of the original PGP: Through-the-top adjustment, large nozzle selection, and the industry’s most reliable and proven drive-train assembly. The PGP Ultra adds true full-circle adjustment from 50 to 360 degrees with a non-strippable drive mechanism with auto-arc return. The nozzle retainer screw is headed and slotted for use using either a Hunter wrench or a standard slotted screwdriver. The PGP Ultra has an improved dirty-water tolerance on the internal gear drive.

Key Features

  • Thicker, safer rubber cover that allows the same through-the-top arc adjustment with user-friendly symbols.
  • Headed and slotted screw.
  • Blue square top nozzles: 8 standard, 4 low-angle.
  • Patented automatic arc return: Returns to the original arc regardless of where the turret is turned.
  • Non-strippable, vandal-proof drive mechanism enables the turret to be turned without causing damage.
  • Non-reversing 360: Part and full circle in one model, 50 to 360 degrees.
  • Optional factory-installed drain check valve for up to 10’ of elevation change. Saves water, reduce liability.

Key Benefits

  • Pop-up sprinkler rotates silently then disappears when the job is done.
  • Waters efficiently and evenly.
  • Has precise pattern control with no wasteful backsplash onto walkways or buildings.
  • Whisper-quiet rotation results in no impact or clatter.
  • Easy fine-tuning without changing nozzles.
  • Integral rubber cover with membrane-covered socket keeps dirt out.
  • Large dirty water screen puts an end to nozzle clogging.

Key Specifications

  • Radius: 17’ to 46’.
  • Flow: 0.36 to 14.8 GPM depending on nozzle selection.
  • Recommended pressure range: 25 to 70 PSI.
  • Operating pressure range: 20 to 100 PSI.
  • Approximate precipitation rate: 0.4 in/hr.
  • 2 year warranty.
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