NP 3 LED Zoning and Dimmable Plus Color Long Shield Up Light In Bronze Metallic

FX Luminaire® NP 3 LED Zoning and Dimmable Plus Color Long Shield Up Light In Bronze Metallic



  • The NP is engineered to accommodate all aspects of your up lighting needs
  • Zoning and dimming capability using Luxor controller
  • 20 watts
  • Includes fixture, 3LED board, spike, and filters
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The NP is our most versatile LED Up Light, and is engineered to accommodate all aspects of your up-lighting needs. By coupling the proper light intensity with one of the provided color filters, your designer can fine tune the NP to beautifully enhance every landscape feature. All NP up lights come standard with amber, green, blue and frosted filters. The NP includes 3LED board, 5 ft lead wire, filters, and a Super Slot Spike.

Luxor LED Lighting

Create Any Ambiance. Anytime.

When Luxor ZD controls an LED landscape lighting system, lights don't simply turn on and off. They come alive. Luxor offers both zoning and dimming capabilities that provide virtually limitless design possibilities. Zoning allows lights to be programmed into preset vignettes, which can be activated for special occasions such as parties, or activities such as barbecuing. Dimming allows lights to automatically emit any desired illumination percentage anytime, anywhere within a system. So, Group 1 can be set to 100% illumination at 7:00 p.m., and automatically shift to 60% at 9:00 p.m., and so on.

Luxor's proprietary ZD Technology makes it the most versatile, affordable, and easy-to- use zoning and dimming control system ever created. It's the clear choice for the professional designer, and the most discerning clients.

All FX fixtures will work with the Luxor transformer; however for zoning and dimming capabilities ZD LED boards must be programmed and installed on each fixture. Non-ZD fixtures will turn on anytime a zone is programmed to come on. If incandescent fixtures are installed on the Luxor, these will be run on a higher than recommended voltage as the Luxor provides 14v to the field. The ZD fixtures can be ordered with the ZD LED board installed. The part number for ZD fixtures would have the ZD designation prior to the LED. An easy way to identify the board in the field is the color orange versus the standard board that is green.

Note: All Luxor compatible fixtures are marked with "ZD" connotation.

Energy Efficiency

Halogen based lights can take anywhere between 10 and 50 watts of power each, and sometimes more. LED fixtures require, which roughly 80% less voltage, which means lower energy costs, longer lamp life, and better environmental citizenship for the end user.

Heat Reduction

As their watt consumption is significantly higher, traditional fixtures become very hot, so much so they cannot be touched after running for only a few minutes. LEDs create heat as well, but far less than traditional lighting. This results in a longer lamp and fixture life. To ensure our products live as long as possible, FX LED feature heat sinks, as well as temperature sensors. If a fixture is getting too hot, the FX board will automatically pull back current which will actively cool the fixture down.

Consistent Light Output

Traditional lighting required multiple wires to each set of lights to ensure all lights are outputting the same level of illumination. It is a complex and time-consuming process. With FX LED fixtures, a built-in device called a driver takes all the power it is receiving and delivers it to each LED within a fixture so they are always at the same light level, regardless of the voltage supplied.

Fixture Life Length

Depending on the application LEDs can last 50,000 hours or more. At the end of their life they don't just burn out like a traditional lights. LEDs slowly dim over time and at very low levels, so even after 50,000 hours of use in most situations LEDs will continue to illuminate sufficiently.

Number of LEDs 1 3 6 9
Halogen Output Equivalent 10 Watt 20 Watt 35 Watt 50 Watt
Useful LED Life 50,000 hrs. avg. 50,000 hrs. avg. 50,000 hrs. avg. 50,000 hrs. avg.
Input Voltage 10 to 15v 10 to 15v 10 to 15v 10 to 15v
Watts Used 2 4.2 10.1 11.2
NP-Uplight pdf NP-Uplight (383.57 KB)
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