Nitra King 21-2-4 Fertilizer - 50 lb. Bag

Best Nitra King 21-2-4 Fertilizer - 50 lb. Bag

BEST 21-2-4 NITRA-KING 50#

SKU#:51000110 | MFG#:82785750

  • Contains homogeneous pellets for uniform nutrient distribution.
  • Armed with 2.0% iron for dark green color.
  • Provides a quick response and extended nutrient delivery.
  • Powerful combination of ammoniacal and nitrate nitrogen.
  • Covers approximately 10,500 square ft.

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Made with new Ammonium Sulfate Nitrate technology, Nitra King provides both a nitrate and ammoniacal nitrogen ratio for your plant. Nitrate nitrogen gives your turf the quick response your looking for, while the ammoniacal nitrogen keeps it green week after week. The 2% iron is from a Simplot homogeneous pellet — which virtually eliminates the possibility of staining sidewalks — gives your turf a dark green color. You’ll see the difference with your first application!

Key Features

  • Complete homogeneous pellet encapsulates every nutrient in each pellet. No streaking or uneven applications
  • 2% virtually non-staining iron for a fast, dark green color (follow application precautions)
  • One 50 lbs. bag covers 10,500 square feet or 4 bags to cover 1 acre
  • Provides a quick response and extended nutrient deliver with combination of ammoniacal and nitrate nitrogen

Application Precautions

  • Apply to dry turf or foliage and irrigate thoroughly immediately after application
  • Iron and other plant nutrients can cause staining of sidewalks. Sweep walkways prior to irrigation
  • Walkways should be dry at time of application
  • Keep away from pools, ponds, etc. Do not contaminate potable water

Reading a Fertilizer Label

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