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Why You Should Consider Creating a Company Website in 2019

By Adreana Young on December 18, 2018 in BlogNo Comments

Why You Should Consider Creating a Company Website in 2019 graphic

As a business owner, you understand the importance of getting your company’s name out there. Creating a digital portfolio or a website for your landscaping business can help your company win jobs, here’s how:

It creates a digital portfolio to show off your best work

Whether you run one or 100 jobsites, it can be difficult to showcase your best work to potential clients. A company website can act as a digital portfolio you can direct people to when you’re trying to earn a new customer.

Including a list of services you provide, as well as images of those services, will give potential customers an easy way to decide what they want to hire you for. If you have a long-term customer who have only ever hired you for turf maintenance, but you also offer tree trimming, for example, a website will allow them to see that you offer more than one service.

It gives your business credibility

If you heard about a new restaurant in your area that you wanted to try, but couldn’t find them online, would you be less likely to try it? People today want to research the businesses they work with to ensure they are the right fit for them; their landscaping company is no different.

Having a website gives your business credibility, because potential clients can go online and find your business, view your services and read more about your work. In order to build out your website with the most useful information, consider including this type of content:

  • An about us section: This should include when your company started; some information about you, the business owner; your services; any and all industry certifications.
  • Images: In this industry, appearance is everything. If you want to convince new clients to hire you, be sure to include images of the beautiful work you’ve done before.
  • Contact information: List your phone number and a reliable email address.

It offers an accessible place for customer to contact you

Speaking of contact information, this might seem like a small detail, but it’s critical to having a useful website. While communicating who you are is important, it’s just as important to give people a reliable way to contact you.

Once you’ve wowed them with your service offerings and images of completed work, highlight a phone or email address you check regularly so they can get in touch with you. Taking too much time to get back to customers or potential customers can lose you business, so be sure to check every day or every other day.

Having a website for your company where clients and potential clients can research your business and reach you is as important as ever. If you’ve already expanded your services and trained employees, but are looking for fresh ideas for growing your business in the new year, try creating a company website.

If you’re looking for technical advice for creating your landscaping website, check out this video.

Why You Should Consider Creating a Company Website in 2019 graphic
Adreana Young
Adreana Young is a customer insights specialist at Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply. She can be reached at
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