Top Ways to Use AquaSmart PRO in Drought Areas

By Tony Goldsby on July 29, 2015 in BlogNo Comments

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Drought conditions in the Western U.S. are creating more consumer awareness around water-saving polymer soil additives.

Polymers (like those in Diaper gel, etc.) have been around for quite some time, and have always shown the ability to retain large amounts of water. However, older polymer based soil additives shared very little of this water with surrounding roots from nearby plant material.

Improved polymer soil additives like AquaSmart PRO have the unique ability to both adsorb and share water with nearby plant roots in the soil profile. This increase in water-holding capacity allows you to retain water longer between irrigation cycles.

With all the uncertainty surrounding watering restrictions, here are some quick tips for how you can use polymer products like AquaSmart PRO in your drought management arsenal for lawns and landscapes.

Reduce Drought Stress

Having a properly maintained irrigation system will help prevent management shortfalls from being as noticeable. Unfortunately, as watering restrictions reduce the amount of available watering time during the week, lawns with inferior systems will start to struggle. Incorporating a product like AquaSmart PRO into the soil profile can help reduce the drought stress incurred from infrequent watering schedules.

Reduce Watering Frequency

High visibility parking lot islands and large planters continue to be areas of concern when both selecting and maintaining plant material for drought. By incorporating a polymer soil additive into these areas, you can improve the water holding capacity prior to planting. Once established, the incorporation of AquaSmart PRO will aid in reducing the frequency of hand watering needed in treated areas.

For more information on how you can use AquaSmart and other drought-busting products, please stop in to your local Ewing location.

Top Ways to Use AquaSmart PRO in Drought Areas graphic
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