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How to Get More Profit from Gas Fire Feature Installs

By Laura Ory on October 30, 2018 in BlogNo Comments

How to Get More Profit from Gas Fire Feature Installs graphic

For many contractors, completing a gas fire feature means hiring multiple subcontractors to get the work done, but it doesn’t have to be that way, said Ryan Lawless, a Ewing account manager based in Oregon.

Today it’s easier than ever for contractors to do the job themselves and keep additional profits without masonry or other specialized skills. Some options even allow contractors to complete a fire feature install in under an hour.

The Sanctuary 1 Fire Furnishing by Firegear Outdoors

“Firegear Outdoor’s Sanctuary fire furnishings have made installing a gas fire feature as easy and fast as possible,” said Ryan.

The Sanctuary collection includes fiberglass reinforced concrete enclosures that have a built-in burner system, making installation a breeze.

“The key skill is learning how to lay a gas line,” said Ryan. Determining the pipe size needed should be easy since manufacturers like Firegear provide sizing charts in their catalogs.

Then the one and only sub-contractor needed will be someone who can finish connecting the line to the house or stub. Your local gas company is often a good resource for finding a qualified gas contractor.

Firegear AnF Round Fire Pit

Another popular and profitable option is Firegear’s Assemble and Finish (AnF) kits, said Ryan. These reinforced concrete shells provide a lightweight but strong base in round, linear and square designs that can be finished with the veneers of your client’s choice.

When it comes to burner systems, Ryan says Firegear’s flat burners are the most popular option in his area. These allow burner systems to be completely hidden from view, but pan burners are also a good option to consider for your client.

Specialty lava rock, fire glass or logs are also available to cover the burner system, completing the gas fire pit.

Firegear AnF Linear Fireplace

New residential homeowners, existing homeowners and some commercial businesses are the most common clients for these kinds of fire features, said Ryan.

As he’s taught contractors about these options in the Northwest, he’s seen these products become the top choice for contractors and clients alike, and the most profitable option for contractors. With fewer subcontractors to hire, and faster installation, contractors could end up with $2-3,000 more per fire feature installation.

Firegear Outdoors products are available from most Ewing locations, but are subject to availability. Learn more about other fire feature kits and why you should install them on our blog or browse products available from

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please leave a comment below!

How to Get More Profit from Gas Fire Feature Installs graphic
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