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3 Tips for Performing Low Voltage Lighting Night Demos

By Nick Simms on January 24, 2019 in BlogNo Comments

3 Tips for Performing Low Voltage Lighting Night Demos graphic

Whether you already do low voltage lighting installations or are thinking about getting into it, utilizing night demonstrations as a selling tactic will help you inspire potential and existing clients and show them the benefits of landscape lighting.

Evaluate the customer

Nighttime lighting demonstrations can seem like an extra commitment, because after a long day of work, working additional hours can seem tedious. But the extra work that comes with nighttime demos can pay off in the end. With this in mind, be sure to evaluate the customers you choose to perform a night demo for, because not every customer needs one for them to hire you for a lighting job.

Customers who may be on the fence or are considering working with someone else are great candidates to perform a demo for. Offering this service will separate you from your competition and give your client a customized experience that they likely won’t get anywhere else.

Choose the right season

Slower times of the years, such as the winter months, are a great time to schedule lighting demos. This allows you to make additional sales in frequently slow months.

Not only that, but because the sun goes down earlier in the winter months, the lighting demos can be performed earlier and will show off the products’ capabilities better since it will be darker.

Work with your supplier or manufacturer

Don’t have the supplies you need to do a lighting demo? No problem, talk to your local Ewing store or manufacturer representative to help you acquire or use a demo kit.

Nighttime demonstrations are a more effective tool to sell lighting services than showing pictures of jobs or having the customer drive by a jobsite, because you are offering them a personalized experience in their own home or site. Every location is different, so a demo will allow potential or existing clients to see exactly what their property will look like with landscape lighting.

Keep in mind, low voltage lighting is a want, not a need, and going above and beyond for your customer will help push that needle to make it feel like it is a need for them.

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Nick Simms
Nick Simms is a Ewing Branch Manager in Mesa, Arizona.
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