LEIT XRC 10 Station Solar Irrigation Controller with Radio Capability

DIG LEIT XRC 10 Station Solar Irrigation Controller with Radio Capability


  • Solar powered 10 station irrigation controller with radio capabilities
  • 4 programs with 3 start times per day
  • Budgeting, rain delay, manual run, history reporting, and radio communication capabilities
  • Compatible with LEIT Multi-Pro Wireless Handset
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The LEIT XRC is a permanent solution in areas where there is no available AC power, utilizing only the power of ambient light (solar), helpful in today's sustainable green solutions. The LEIT XRC Controller is an advanced, ambient light (solar) powered, multi-functional, self-contained water management irrigation controller that provide a cost-effective solution for all types of irrigation applications. Features include four independent programs with three start times for each valve, password protection, monthly budgeting up to 200 percent, up to 99 day rain stop with automatic restart, manual run capabilities, status reports showing historical information for each valve, as well as the capability to activate and deactive wireless communication.

The LEIT XRC also has radio capabilities which allow it to connect and communicate wirelessly to DIG's LEIT Multi-Pro Wireless Handset. The two-way communication allows for the user to program and control the LEIT XRC from up to 800 feet away.

Requires a LEIT Key LEIT Key for programming and DIG's custom LEMA 1600HE Solenoids for each valve.

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