3/4-Inch Blue Streak Residential Hose Nozzle

Kochek Co. Inc. 3/4-Inch Blue Streak Residential Hose Nozzle


SKU#:68005050 | MFG#:NZ033

  • 15 gallon per minute maximum flow
  • Manufactured from all aluminum and stainless steel
  • 3/4 inch female threaded connection
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Kochek is proud to introduce our low volume professional turf nozzle known as our "Residential Nozzle". Utilizing fire technology Kochek has designed an all aluminum and stainless steel replica of our Professional Turf Manager, Superintendent and Fire Nozzles designed for lower volume and pressure.

The "Residential Nozzle" is built with 3/4 inch garden threads and will spray an effective flow with pressure ratings from 40 - 200 PSI and a maximum flow of 15 gallons per minute. The "RN" will spray a straight stream and a fog pattern much like Kochek’s professional high volume nozzles. It’s durability and workmanship are identical to the more expensive, more elaborate nozzles at 1/3 the cost. Perfect for irrigating a home lawn or flower beds and even washing a car. Yet this product is durable enough to lightly syringe putting surfaces and even condition infields with no more than 15 GPM output.

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