A backyard with stone retaining walls, stone steps, and a stone patio 

From residential patios and walkways to large commercial projects, the market is ripe for hardscape professionals to present clients with an alternative way to enhance their landscapes and the enjoyment of their outdoor living spaces. Ewing offers a wide range of hardscape products that will help you achieve any customer’s wildest hardscape dreams.

Paver circle stones

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Hardscape. the hybrid of traditional landscaping. This stone clad sister to traditional plant-based yard decor offers an eco-friendly and low maintenance alternative to turf. Watering, mowing, and trimming are...

Concrete Pavers and Wall Blocks

A paved walkway

An eco-friendly alternative to turf, hardscape is the landscape you don’t have to grow, mow or water. Retaining walls and garden walls can finish up an outdoor project with a decorative flair. Permeable paver designs allow rainwater to filter down into underlying soil, providing drainage and reducing flood risks. This aesthetically pleasing alternative also helps capture and store rainwater for reuse in landscapes when used in conjunction with a rainwater harvesting system.

Outdoor Kitchens

Who said delicious, edible creations must be crafted indoors? Create inviting, outdoor kitchen spaces with Outdoor Living products from Ewing. Don’t be afraid of customization! We offer several different types of grills, cabinets and other outdoor kitchen products, that will help you create a distinctly unique area for entertainment and enjoyment.

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Modular Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

Fire Features

S’mores, fireside chats, evening parties and decompressing after a long day at work. All of these activities are more enjoyable with fire features. We offer a wide range of various fire pit shapes and sizes and provide several options of special enhancements, like lava rock that will give your clients gathering place that special touch.

Ewing has everything you need to create a place for your clients where memories will be made for years to come.

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Natural Stone

Stone can serve as a beautiful addition to your hardscape project. We offer a fabulous selection ranging from sandstone to granite that will help give your project a striking look.

Bagged Goods & Accessories

These products are foundational for your hardscape project. Whether your creation is a patio or sidewalk, garden and retaining walls, or a water feature, we have the right tools and complimentary products to get your feature off to a great start.

Paver stones being set

Ewing Provides Hardscape Training and Support

Our strong partnership with hardscape manufacturers means direct access to product training, up-to-date product information and special promotions at your local Ewing branch.


Get your team certified or expand your hardscape repertoire. Our education programs and training opportunities are tailored for beginners and advanced contractors alike. Consider taking a class on outdoor kitchens, paver installation and more!

Industry Association Support

Ewing has partnered with leading hardscape authorities to offer you the highest level of support.

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Grow Your Business

You’ve taken the time to develop some lovely hardscape that can be seen by day, why not make it visible by night as well? Check out our landscape, patio and holiday lighting options!

Give your outdoor paradise that finishing touch by adding sound!

Add a beautiful fountain or pond to any hardscape area to create a visually stunning outdoor space. From small bubbling urns to large-scale fountains and ponds, take a look at our water features and see if one of them is right for your next project.