Garden Organics Potting Soil - 2 Cubic Foot Bag

Kellogg's Garden Organics Potting Soil - 2 Cubic Foot Bag



  • All Purpose Indoor & Outdoor Mix
  • 100% Organic
  • Safe for People and Pets
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Kellogg Garden Organics Potting Soil is perfect for all of your potted plants whether you’re potting a new plant or re-potting an existing plant. Potting Soil is made with finely textured bark, poultry manure, sand, perlite, and worm castings to create a soil environment where your plants will thrive. Potting Soil absorbs water quickly and provides an excellent balance between moisture retention and drainage. There is no mixing required because it’s ready to use straight from the bag. This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that your potted plants will be bigger, brighter and healthier. Kellogg Garden Organics Potting Soil contains no harmful synthetic chemicals. You can safely use this potting soil without gloves or protective clothing because it contains natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals.

Ingredients: Aged recycled forest products, rice hulls, composted poultry manure, perlite, kelp meal, worm castings

This product is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), the leading non-profit, internationally recognized third party accredited by the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP). That means every ingredient and every process that goes into making Kellogg products has been verified 100% compliant as organic, all the way to the original source. Look for the OMRI logo on the bag, ensuring every product is proven organic.

Application Rate: 2.0 Cubic Feet - Fills five 10" pots, or repots 4-5 one gallon plants

Key Features:

  • Ideal for both newly potted and re-potted plants with excellent moisture retention and drainage
  • Absorbs water quickly and provides excellent drainage
  • Ready to use - no mixing
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
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