Lava Rock for Fire Features

Firegear Outdoors Lava Rock for Fire Features


SKU#:93553681 | MFG#:FG-LAVA-50

  • 1-2" Diameter pieces.
  • Beautiful contrast against bright flames.
  • 50 Pound bag.
Ewing List Price $68.40

Mined from the earth, these dark Firegear rocks contrast beautifully against the bright flame in your outdoor fire feature. Each rock is approximately 1" to 2" in diameter.

Note: As a precaution, it is strongly recommended that you cover your fire feature when not in use. If left uncovered, moisture may be present and can cause items like this lava rock to pop. Turn off the fire feature, allowing for the decorative rock to dry, before setting it near the fire. Is it not recommended to use any other decorative materials in or around your fire feature other than Firegear lava rock, boulders, stones or glass products.

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