Drip Irrigation Zone Kit without Valve

Landscape Products Drip Irrigation Zone Kit without Valve


SKU#:12000050 | MFG#:L/P DR ZON

  • 3/4 inch male threaded IPS Y-filter with 155 mesh screen element.
  • 25 PSI pressure regulator 0.25 - 15 GPM.
  • 710 compression x 3/4 inch male IPS adapter.
  • 3/4 inch x 1 inch threaded PVC reducer bushing.
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This kit comes with everything you need to add or convert an irrigation valve for drip irrigation. Easily adaptable to 1 inch irrigation valves and ready to connect to 700 series drip tubing with a compression adapter.

Kit Includes:

  • 3/4" Y-Filter male threaded with 155-mesh screen.
  • 25 PSI pressure regulator 0.25-15 gal.
  • 710 x 3/4" male adapter.
  • 3/4" x 1" PVC reducing bushing T x T.
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