ProSlide Engineered Professional Red Topdressing – 2,000 lb. Bulk

DuraEdge ProSlide Engineered Professional Red Topdressing – 2,000 lb. Bulk



  • Professional grade expanded shale topdressing.
  • 6 x 30 Professional red particles.
  • Play more games, play safer games, and enjoy an easier to maintain infield.
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Once the foundation of your infield has been properly engineered or modified with DuraEdge Engineered Soils, knowing which topdressing to use is the next big decision. The topdressing you select for your infield is the true playing surface where the game takes place.

ProSlide Engineered Topdressing is a professional grade expanded shale topdressing. ProSlide will help you make your infield play more games, play safer games, and be easier to maintain. Use as a stand-alone topdressing or combine with traditional calcined clay products for greatest infield playability.

  • Absorption: Manages the moisture of your infield by providing a barrier to slow the evaporative process from the base soils
  • Durability: Resistant to break down during use and maintenance which helps keep your infield surface playable and in place longer
  • Gradation: True 6 x 30 Professional particle size creates a smooth sliding surface and ensure more predictable bounces
  • Appearance: Color-fast nature enhances your infield’s aesthetic appeal and provides contrast for tracking ball movement
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