12-inch Colorfalls - Ice Blue

Atlantic Water Gardens 12-inch Colorfalls - Ice Blue



  • Colorfalls produce a sheer of lighted water emerging from a concealed source inside vertical walls
  • Colorfalls adapt to any wall material – pavers, tile, brick, stone, wood – the only limit is your imagination
  • Replaceable LED light bar available in three vibrant colors
  • Colorfalls feature a 5-inch lip, 30-foot power cord and includes a 12 volt outdoor transformer
  • For use with Formal Spillway Basins and Basin Kits
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Few features offer the impact of Atlantic Colorfalls, on both the eye and the ear. The first lighted weir designed specifically for water features, Colorfalls enchant with a sparkling sheer descent of water illuminated from within by glowing LED light.

Colorfalls are designed to work with most block systems, requiring only solid, level support of the discharge lip both above and below, and access to the removable backing plate for occasional cleaning and eventual light replacement.

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