3/4 inch ASV Drip Control Zone Kit

Hunter 3/4 inch ASV Drip Control Zone Kit


SKU#:12007530 | MFG#:ACZ-075

  • Factory-assembled and water-tested
  • Highest quality components (stainless steel filter screen, standard flush cap, top-of-the-line regulator)
  • Wide flow range to cover most micro irrigation applications.
  • Heavy-duty solenoid 24 VAC
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For the demanding low flow requirements of commercial job sites, Hunter's ICZ Drip Zone Control Kit is here. This convenient all-in-one kit, offers the superior performance of the Hunter ICV valve with Filter Sentry along with a stainless steel filter and high flow pressure regulator. Because the kit includes pressure regulation that ensures a consistent 25 or 40 PSI, the ICZ makes it possible to accommodate drip needs in an environment where it would normally be difficult to do so. With everything pre-assembled and water tested, the ICZ provides a hassle-free way to install drip zones on commercial jobs.

PCZ/ACZ Drip Zone Control Kits

These pre-assembled kits bring together the popular PGV valve with both a filter and a pressure regulator, providing you with a complete control zone. The PGV valve features high-grade material construction, including a bonnet made of reinforced glass-filled nylon. Rounding out the kits elements are a stainless steel filter screen, flush cap and pressure regulator to maintain a consistent 25 or 40 PSI. To save both time and labor use the ACZ kit to meet your anti-siphon needs.

Our pre-assembled, factory water-tested kits marry our popular and dependable high-grade valves with a filter and a pressure regulator, ideal for drip zones. Made for our Professional Landscape Drip Line and Micro Irrigation products, each comes with our brawny solenoid for which Hunter valves are known, as well as a stainless steel screen in 150 mesh (075 and 101 models) and 120 mesh (151 model) sizes.

Key Features

  • Flow range: 0.5-15 GPM
  • Pressure: 20-120 PSI
  • Filtration: 150 mesh
  • Pressure regulation: 25 PSI, 40 PSI
  • Standard flush cap
  • 3/4" Inlet and outlet
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