3/4 inch Liquid-Tite Flexible Conduit

Cantex 3/4 inch Liquid-Tite Flexible Conduit


SKU#:17003720 | MFG#:V06AGA1

  • Helps shield power, control and communications cables from heat, moisture, oil and sunlight
  • Rugged PVC jacket allows for burial in earth or for concrete encasement
  • Hot-dipped zinc, galvanized low-carbon steel core
  • UL- and CSA listed
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Liquidtite steel conduit provides excellent impact and crush strength while remaining highly flexible. The conduit resists oils, mild acids, and exposure to sunlight. Liquidtite flexible conduit is suitable for use in applications requiring movement, crossover connections or tight bends. Ideal for use in conditions of installation, operation or maintenance where flexibility is required, or when the protection from liquids, vapors, solids or weather is needed.

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