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Hunter ACC Front Panel


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  • Replacement front panel for Hunter ACC controllers
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The ACC brings the versatile features of modularity to the most advanced large-scale commercial controller in the Hunter line. The adaptable design not only allows configuration to the number of stations you desire, it also makes it easy to upgrade to two-way communication with a Hunter Central Control System. What truly sets the ACC apart is its sheer power. Intelligent overlap settings and its powerful transformer allow ACC to run up to 6 programs simultaneously, packing the most watering into the shortest water window. Real time flow monitoring allows the controller to dynamically respond to overflow conditions by station, and track system water use. The ACC boasts a total of 6 independent and 4 custom programs and the ability to assist the water manager in conforming to “watering windows.” Plus, the ACC’s large backlit LCD display offers the user a convenient means to personalize on-screen station and program names. ACC also has built-in support for the water-saving Solar Sync sensor.

When It Has to be Right

Need an uncompromising controller for the most demanding landscapes? Hunter’s Advanced Commercial Controller (ACC) packs more value into a reasonably-priced controller than anything else on the market. With more simultaneous programs and valves, automated troubleshooting, real time flow monitoring, built-in remote control, and standalone ET adjustment, Hunter’s top-of-the-line ACC is ready for your largest projects. The simple, intuitive controls will have you setting up large systems with ease, and the advanced features stand guard after you leave the property.

Real-Time Flow Sensing

ACC can be equipped with an HFS flow meter, and record and report actual flow totals in gallons or liters. The ACC can also be directed to learn typical flow by station, and then troubleshoot high or low flow conditions to station level. When paired with a Normally Closed Master Valve, this can prevent waste and damage, while continuing to operate normal stations.

ACC Pedestal Models

Featuring the highest-grade construction, the ACC plastic pedestal can stand up to the harshest conditions Mother Nature (and humans) can dish out. The plastic pedestal is rustproof, weather-resistant, and UV-tested to prevent fading. Plus, it won’t dent. In addition, you won’t believe the amount of space in its interior. There’s ample room to accommodate all of your field wiring and central control wiring needs, and it’s even possible to permanently install the receiver for an ICR remote control.

ACC Solar Sync: Easy, Automatic Water Savings

The standalone, water-saving solution the industry has been waiting for. The ACC connects directly to Hunter’s revolutionary Solar Sync sensor for automated weather adjustment and maximum water savings. Solar Sync measures on-site evapotranspiration (ET) and adjusts ACC run times accordingly. All other ACC functions remain the same. All 99 decoder stations and each of the 6 automatic programs will operate normally but smarter. Adjustments are tracked in the controller logs and visible in the main display. Any program may be exempted from automatic adjustment, if desired. The Solar Sync sensor will also serve as the controller’s Rain and Freeze shutdown sensor.

Key Features

  • Remote Control Ready: Pre-wired to directly accept Hunter ICR or ROAM remote controls. Plug and go.
  • Easy Modular Upgrade to Two-Way Communication with Central Control: Simple plug-in modules upgrade ACC to hardwire, modem, or radio control from central control software.
  • Information Button: Provides programming help and access to advanced features, and displays irrigation reports and actual flow in real time.
  • Large Backlit LCD: Adjustable contrast for easy viewing in both dim conditions and bright sunlight.
  • Facepack Features: Named Programs and Stations; Cycle and Soak; Pause/Resume; Flow Learning Mode By Station; Day of Week/Interval 1–31 Days/Odd or Even Schedules (by program); Non-Water Windows; Non-Water Days; Delay Between Stations (by program); Sensor Shutdown by Program; Programmable Contact Information; Easy Retrieve Save and Restore
  • USB 2.0 Input: Flash updates to the latest version of ACC, with free downloads from Keep your ACC current with the latest features from Hunter. Also permits local programming of controller settings from laptop PC with IMMS software.
  • Transformer: 120/230 VAC transformer with global approvals, built-in surge protection, and enough power to run up to 6 programs at once.
  • Multiple Sensor Capability: Accommodates devices for weather and flow to provide automatic system shutoff in abnormal conditions, and water saving adjustment for local ET.
  • Copper-clad Earth Ground Lug: Heavy duty connection for earth grounding of controller system. Advanced PTC surge protection throughout the controller relies on this industrial-strength connection.
  • Stations Expand with Plug-in Modules: Provides easy addition of more stations and simplified inventory management. Six-station modules in regular and extreme service lightning protection versions.
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