1/4 HP RainExchange Booster Pump

AquaScape 1/4 HP RainExchange Booster Pump


SKU#:60252020 | MFG#:30084

  • The Booster Pump is designed to increase the water pressure for basic rainwater irrigation
  • The RainXchange™ System is an ideal partner to combine with professionally-installed drip or high pressure rainwater irrigation systems
  • The Booster Pump plumbing kit includes pipe and a number of fittings to plumb the system for basic irrigation supply
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Aquascape water feature pumps are designed to provide high flows at low pressures to waterfalls and streams. They are not designed to provide sufficient pressure for garden hose or irrigation applications. As a result, a separate Booster Pump is required with the RainXchange™ Systems when being used for irrigation or other watering chores such as car, deck or patio washing.

The Booster Pump is an external pump with a built-in pressure tank and electronic controller. The Booster Pump is available in two sizes: a ¼ HP model and a larger ½ model for applications requiring higher pressure for professional irrigation systems. The Booster Pump has a built-in thermal overload and run-dry shut off to protect the pump when water becomes too low in the RainXchange™ water storage basin. This will leave a small supply of water in the basin for the water feature pump to continue to operate.

The RainXchange™ System can be used with professionally installed irrigation. We recommend consulting a professional irrigation installer in order to properly configure the RainXchange™ System into the design of these applications. The Booster Pump is able to operate on either 110v or 230v single phase. See the manual included with the Booster Pump for electrical and performance specifications, as well as pump maintenance information.

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