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Evergreen Mini 18-5-0 Fertilizer

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Evergreen Mini 18-5-0 Fertilizer


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  • An economical and efficient source of nitrogen and iron for all seasons.
  • 5% of non-staining iron.
  • Mini pellet size for uniform coverage.
  • 50 lb. Bag.

You have never seen green until you have seen EverGreen. Homogeneous pellets containing 5% non-staining iron. Contains ammoniacal nitrogen—the most effective source of N for all seasons. 5% Phosphate for plant establishment and root development.

Key Benefits

  • High nitrogen homogeneous pellet with 5% Iron.
  • Contains ammoniacal nitrogen to encourage growth.
  • Contains 5% phosphate (P2O5) for plant establishment and root development.
  • Contains iron and sulfur to promote dark green color.


  • Total nitrogen: 18%
  • Available phosphate: 5%
  • Soluble potash: 0%
  • Sulfur: 18%
  • Iron (Fe): 5%

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