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Get your fields in top shape with products and advice from Ewing.

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Ewing has the products every sports turf manager needs to keep fields safe, playable and looking good!

From local parks and schools, to professional and college athletic fields, we’ll help keep your sports fields in "game ready" shape year-round. Whether you’ve got new field construction, renovations, infield to outfields, soil to seed and moisture management, Ewing can help. Our sports field specialists are ready to assist you with any challenge.

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From sports field equipment to maintenance supplies, Ewing’s got it! View our catalog of sports field products, including soil conditioners and clay, field paints, field accessories, maintenance tools, hoses and irrigation, turf products and more.

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Sports Field Training Opportunities
Ewing’s sports field specialists offer training in the construction of pitcher’s mounds, catcher and batter’s boxes, infield preparation, field painting, turf care and more. Call or visit a Ewing location or browse our local events for upcoming training opportunities near you.


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