AquaSmart PRO Polymer Sand - 4 lb. Shaker

AquaSmart AquaSmart PRO Polymer Sand - 4 lb. Shaker



  • Absorbs 12X its weight in water
  • Builds stronger foundation of roots
  • Made from biodegradable material
  • Absorbs fertilizer and reduces nutrient run-off
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AquaSmart Pro is a polymer coated sand product that is available in the form of a straight additive for increased moisture retention and growth of plants, flowers, trees, and grass/turf with water savings estimated at up to 66% in some cases based on soil and climate conditions. It is also available for blending by nurseries, landscapers, and large soil blending companies for their own use or supply to customers who prefer blending the coated sand product with mulch, top soil, or peat moss.

AquaSmart™ PRO is used as a moisture management product for a wide variety of locations. AquaSmart™ PRO enhances sports fields of all types (baseball, softball, soccer, playgrounds, football, race tracks, tennis courts, etc.). It is also highly beneficial for turf applications such as seeding, landscaping, erosion control, plants, gardens, sods, farms, grass, fields, and unstable soil of any kind.

Based on soil conditions, AquaSmart™ PRO has demonstrated water and irrigation savings ranging from 50% for sandy soils to 70% for clay and other soils. Frequency of watering and irrigation as well as watering labor costs have decreased dramatically (based on accredited tests).

Key Features

  • Better turf seed germination. Increased moisture helps seeds take root and grow.
  • Decreased nutrient/fertilizer loss. Water-soluble nutrients are absorbed and released over time, reducing runoff.
  • Improved plant growth. Water and nutrients remain available to plants for a longer period of time.
  • Repairing dry spots in turf. AquaSmart aids water absorption in the soil, increasing moisture in dry spots.

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